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Ryukodo System – Rice Lake Martial Arts Center, LLC

Ryukodo System

Ryukodo Seal

Ryukodo Seal


Ryukodo is an acronym for Ryukyute Kobujutsu Hozon Budo Kyokai.

This translates into the Hand of Ryukyu Old Warrior’s Art Weapons Preservation Society

Ryukodo is a comprehensive martial arts system, comprised primarily of classical (traditional) Okinawan karate (empty hand) and kobudo (weapons) basics, kata, drills, conditioning, training techniques. All kata is authentic and unaltered, to preserve the old way and techniques found within these kata.

 Ryukodo is specifically comprised of;

  • Isshinryu karate’s basics, drills, empty hand and weapons kata.
  • Weapons kata from the Oyata / Uhugusuku / Kanagusuku / Nakamoto lines
  • Modern Arnis weapons and techniques from Professor Remy Presas
  • Select Gojuryu kata

 The focus of Ryukodo is preservation of the old way of martial art; self-defense, not sport, and the understanding that weapons training came first, not the empty hand.  Ryukodo focuses on traditional weaponry and it’s relation to empty hand technique.

 The Ryukodo organization welcomes practitioners of all backgrounds and ages.

 The Ryukodo organization is headed by:

Sensei Peter Carbone

Sensei Peter Carbone

Sensei Peter Carbone

Hanshi Ku Dan Soke-Keizon

Ryukyute Kobujutsu Hozon Budo Kyokai


Ryukyu Martial Arts – The Original Mixed Martial Arts

At the beginning of history, the development of the martial arts began in Mesopotamia. From there, the study of martial arts radiated outward. As it traveled to different regions of the Middle and Far East, it continued to develop and be refined by the inhabitants of each new region it traveled to. From the Middle East, the martial arts traveled east by the way of the Silk Road through India, China, and eventually to the Ryukyu Islands, today’s Okinawa. At the same time, the study of the martial arts traveled south and east through Malaysia and the Philippians, and again ended up in Okinawa. Because of Okinawa’s geographical position, old style Ryukyu martial arts was the original mixed martial art, being the off spring of all Middle and Far East martial arts cultures.


Shuri Castle in Okinawa, Japan


The old style Ryukyu martial art is much more sophisticated than today’s standard blocking, kicking and punching arts. Historically, the “high class” martial art known as “Ryukyute” or the “Ryukyu hand” stemmed from the Ryukyu kingdom’s warriors of the Shuri Castle. This knowledge was strictly handed down from father to the first born son in the Ryukyu warrior class. No one else!! Much of the Ryukodo Weapons Society curriculum comes from renowned warrior families, the Uhugusuku and Kanagusuku.  Uni-Uhugusuku was one of the Ryukyu king’s personal body guard.

Preserving the “Old Warrior’s Way”

The Rice Lake Martial Arts Center is dedicated to preserving and passing on the centuries old knowledge of martial arts training and technique unique to old style Ryukyu (Okinawan) martial arts. We offer a rare opportunity to touch the past by teaching traditional empty hand karate and weapons kata that have been preserved through the generations over hundreds of years of Ryukyu history. By being affiliated with the Ryukodo Weapons Society, we not only teach authentic Ryukyu martial arts, we have opportunities to sponsor martial arts masters from North America and Okinawa. Through the teachings of these martial arts masters, our students gain a greater understanding of the martial arts and appreciation of Okinawan culture. Also, the Ryukodo Weapons Society offers frequent travel opportunities to study the martial arts in Okinawa. What an exciting educational opportunity for students to participate in!

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